United States Vice President Mike Pence

Defense Secretary James Matthis

U.S. Delegaton to the Munich Security Conference Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Promenadenplatz 2-6

80333 München

First by fax 089 2120 906 February 14, 2018

OPEN LETTER: .U.S. Atom Bomb Threats,Yemen + the Munich Security Conference


Mr. Vice President, Mr. Defense Secretary:

We hope that your official welcome to Munich means that you are visiting us in the interests of peace and disarmament, in the interests of the majority of our compatriots and the people of Germany, your host country. In this case, we welcome you too.

We of the Munich American Peace Committee, a group of U.S. citizens living in and around Munich, working together since 1983 for peace and disarmament, would like to remind you of the consequences of two aspects of our government’s international military policies:

1. The apparent willingness of the Trump administration to use atomic weapons. The whole world is being threatened with nuclear war by the U.S. Military, especially targeted are powerful countries, such as Russia and Chína. To quote Secretary of Defense James Matthis: “I’m all for engagement...there’s decreasing number of areas where we can engage cooperatively and increasing number of areas where we’re going to have to confront Russia...I have very modest expectations about areas of cooperation with Mr. Putin.” The U.S military establishment regards Putin and Russia as “adversaries”, in contrast to just “rivals”, the word President Trump employed in his recent State of the Union address. Bellicose menacing of Russia, China and other countries brings us to the brink of an international nuclear war.

2. At the moment, the U.S. heinous participation in and support of open and covert wars, destruction and genocide all over the world, are especially evident in Yemen. In this poor country the carnage and death caused by the U.S., U.K., Saudi Arabia and their allies‘ invasion, bombardment and blockade are unequaled in recent years, and continue to decimate this impoverished country. It’s health system and facilities have been destroyed. Aside from the ravages of war, the country has been plunged into a cholera epidemic, killing further thousands.

You and our Security Conference delegation, representing all U.S. citizens, can and must stop this continuation of Hot and Cold War, this brinkmanship with apocalypse, now! Our best defense is Peace!

The USA through President Trump could immediately stop its program of ever-expanding war, threats, deployment and use of atomic weapons, and thereby withdraw from foreign countries and close its foreign bases. Of course. U.S. forces could and must still halt their activities, especially  in African nations, in Eastern Europe, in the Middle East, Asia and in the Pacific Basin. War creates terror and does not prevent terrorism. The 16-year long “War on Terror” is not working. Therefore, Mr. Vice President, Mr. Defense Secretary. please do everything you can to end this fruitless, immoral and deadly blundering. What better place to start a policy of peace, dialogue and cooperation than here at the Munich Security Conference!

Respectfully, Richard Forward

Munich American Peace Commitee, Preysingstrasse 16, 81667 Munich

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